I Started Momentum
to Rethink

Every form of communications, whether it is internal to an organization, or external to the public, is about creating a relationship with others.

If we don’t have the context and understand the values of others, we can’t build a relationship. We can communicate all we want, and others won’t hear us.

What I have learned from 25 plus years of communications, fundraising, policy, event production, parenting, and management work is that communicating is a two-way street. I think of communications as mutually beneficial, about asking questions, understanding perspectives and engaging others in their ideas.

I didn’t start out this way. It took some time to develop the skill to read a person or group, sense the moods, dynamics, values and concerns of others. That’s why I’ve started Momentum today. I want to help others to rethink communications. This means adapt the message, be clear, have humility, and set a tone that meets the needs of those we are communicating with. If this strikes a chord with you, reach out to me.