Core Principles

Be transparent, build trust

You can count on Momentum LLC to be open and honest about feedback, decisions, ideas, and reasoning. We believe that being direct and transparent is important in forming a client relationship and building trust.

Listen before giving advice

We know from personal experience that it isn’t helpful when a consultant gives advice right from the start, before listening and learning. We will assume there is a reason for every decision that the client made and be curious. Decision-making and organizational culture are complex. There are different ways of looking at the same information, mental models and historical context or biases behind our opinions and decisions. Our work together is a mutual learning process. We can be most helpful in supporting your goals and creating solutions by listening first.

Be creative, stay grounded

We believe that everyone should take creative time out of their week, or even their day. Asking yourself, “what about if we…?” or “what if?” will expand your thinking, no doubt. So first we brainstorm, but then we evaluate. Sometimes there are simple solutions to even the most complex issues. Some ideas don’t make a lot of sense. Many times it a lack of time and figuring out how to implement an idea that is the obstacle, rather than the great idea itself. So, we think broadly and then stay grounded on what is possible, and we can accomplish. Identifying a great idea, making it a priority, and investing time in the implementation is really the only way an organization can find the best way to solve a problem, deliver a product, or accomplish a goal.

Be a collaborative, fun partner

At Momentum LLC we want to apply our experience and skills to help organizations and individuals reach their goals and we want to do this in an enjoyable way, and with a good sense of humor. There is no question, we will take the work, your goals, and the results seriously. We want to work hard, but also want to enjoy the work and the people. We know this is possible.